The 10 Best Waist Trainer Reviews 2018

Have you ever admired those nicely shaped ladies with hourglass figures, or have you always wanted a slimmer tummy without necessarily reducing the other parts of your body? Getting the best waist trainer for women is the way to go. Waist trainers have gradually become a must have for any lady who wants to keep looking the part and being the part.

It allows you the convenience of working on only one part of your body and the results are always impressive. Its creation is tailored for easy usage in the sense that it does its job just fine no matter where you use it. Do those words seem alien to you? Don’t worry; we are going to explain all you need to know about waist training and outline the waist trainer reviews in a bit.

Best Waist Trainers in Summary

Reinforced Steel Bones Waist Trainer100% Premium Latex & CottonWaist CorsetShape of You5/5
Latex Girdle Waist Trainer Corset96% Cotton+4% Spandex LiningWaist CorsetYIANNA4.9/5
Deportiva Workout Waist Cincher100% Other FibersWaist CincherAnn Chery4.8/5
Perfect Waist Contouring Waist Trainer75% natural rubber+25% cottonWaist CorsetSqueem4.7/5
Women's Latex Underbust 9 Steel Boned96% Cotton+4% SpandexWaist Cincher Lover-Beauty4.6/5
Steel Boned Heavy Duty Waist TrainerN/AWaist CorsetCamellias Corsets4.5/5
Women's Latex Steel Boned Shapewear100% SpandexWaist CorsetCharmian4.4/5
Sexy Satin Vintage Waist Training Corset100% CottonWaist CorsetAlivila.Y Fashion4.3/5
Sweat Neoprene Sauna Suit Waist Trainer BeltNeoprene / Polyester / SpandexWaist Trainer BeltYIANNA4.2/5
Women's Plus-Size Waist Trainer75% Nylon, 25% SpandexWaist TrainerRago4.1/5

What exactly is a waist trainer?

A waist trainer is more or less a corset; it is fashioned towards trimming down unwanted weight around the tummy. It can be manufactured with different fabrics, but the waist trainer for women is made from quality materials used for extended periods of time. They also come in a various range of textures, lengths, designs, and colors depending on the product brand. The variations in zipper levels and boning within the best waist trainer allows the user to go a little further when you attain one level of waist size reduction.

Waist training has fast become a popular trend among most celebrities who do not only use it as a regular exercise tool but also as a fashion accessory. With the numerous amounts of waist trainers in the market, it is easy to get confused about which products are best and durable. We are going to take you through all that along with the waist trainer reviews.

Types of Waist Trainer:

Knowing the kind of waist trainer you want is a step towards getting one, we have two main types of waist trainers.

Waist Cinchers:

Waist cinchers are far more flexible in making than a waist training corset. The boning used in a waist cincher is easily bendable and loose; this makes it more suitable for different forms of exercise patterns and work. You can also wear it underneath your attires when going out. It provides a better level of comfort for the user, but it isn’t as tight as the corset waist trainers. If you have that next outing and want your body looking like an hourglass in your dress, a waist cincher will help you achieve that seamlessly.

Waist Training Corset:

A waist training corset holds more similarities to the corsets of the ancient times, but now it has been modernized and redesigned to fit into regular exercises. Rather than have all the lacy edges and flamboyant sewing of the older corsets, the waist training corset is now very basic and simple in look. A waist training corset is characterized by a lot of boning which makes it stiff and tight, holding the tummy firmly in place when wearing it. It is better for casual exercise and home use because of the tightness it gives but in the end, the results are pleasing.


Things to Consider Before Purchasing Waist Trainer:


When dealing with waist trainers like the ones mentioned above, quality is essential. Patronizing products or brands which come at a very cheap rate and seem to offer the same services will prove to be a disappointment in the long run. Things like waist trainers which are made use of on a daily basis should be rightly invested in. Dealing with a worn out fabric or badly constructed boning in your waist trainer can be frustrating when exercising or when wearing it under an attire. For the comfort and safety of your body, invest in quality.


Different waist trainers are created for various body types and sizes; you should know your size and go for the waist trainer that tightens your body without making you feel suffocated or uncomfortable, this could be an indication that you have gone for a size too small for your body frame. Although it is advised to pick a corset size a few inches smaller than the size of your waist; this is because of the clinching effect the corset should have on the body. Using the exact size would not do an excellent job of trimming down your body weight.


There are numerous reasons why you could want a waist trainer, but pinning them down to the basics will help you decide which type to consider. If you are a stay at home mom who needs to get back in shape, you could make do with a single waist trainer, but work out ladies or a regular office person will require a minimum of two to three waist trainers.

At this point, we will gradually take a look at the waist trainers which are highly recommended for your use.

 Waist Trainer Reviews

Shape of You Comfort Waist Trainer Corset

Shape of You Comfort Cinch Waist TrainerThis is a unique waist trainer for women that offers excellent comfort with a 100% cotton inner lining. With a nine armored steel bones, this waist trainer is rigid and flexible to help you achieve the shape you’ve always wished for. They come in different sizes so you can choose the best corset that suits you. The exterior is latex that keeps the waist trainer in shape and comfortable. This helps to stimulate sweating, speed up the process of burning calories, and eliminates any toxins from your body.

The rigid design is strong to ensure the corset doesn’t twist or slide down during intensive training. Since it has excellent elastic properties, you don’t have to worry about sagging breasts as it will support them. The Hourglass is made in such a way that you can wear it and remain comfortable while training. You can put it on and continue with your daily activities and still achieve the shape you want.


Soft fabric and cotton lining to prevent from skin

Flexible hooks and eyes to avoid wear and tear

High quality material


It may be hard to find the right size for women with a small waist

YIANNA Latex Girdle Waist Trainer Corset

YIANNA Women’s Underbust Latex Sport Girdle Waist Trainer Corset Hourglass Body Shaper-minThe Yianna waist trainer features a nine spiral boning to provide support, flexibility, and durability to the user. This waist trainer is thick to give an excellent snug fit. With a three hook-and-eye closure corset, this product is easy to fit giving you support where you need it most. It also features a high compression to decrease the waistline by about three inches which makes it one of the best waist trainers for women.

It has an excellent adjustable feature that allows you to put it on with ease. You can use it when working out to help you sweat more and even lose weight faster. It comes in different colors such as white, black, blue, pink, and purple to allow to choose the color you want. You will also find a zippered version; short-torso shaped, and skin breathable latex. You don’t have to worry about the size since this waist trainer spread through different sizes from extra-small to large. The corset is made up of three layers: the outer layer which is made from spandex blend, Lycra, and nylon. The middle layer which is made of pure latex and the inner layer which is made of cotton. These layers allow you to work out with ease and maintain comfort during the process.


High quality fabric


It’s hard to find the right size for some women

The waist trainer is not so flexible

Ann Chery Deportiva Workout Waist Cincher

Ann Chery Deportiva Workout Waist CincherDesigned as an excellent workout brand, this waist trainer by Ann Chery offers maximum comfort and it’s flexible. It’s a little softer to ensure that your skin do not itch or leave scars when working out. It has three rows of hook-and-eye closures with a latex core for maximum comfort. The Felix boning on this waist trainer provides enough structure to hold up your posture throughout the exercising process.

Apart from being flexible, this Ann Chery Faja Deportiva cincher features a smooth curve design that makes it hard to notice when you wear under clothes. It’s made of latex and a soft cotton lining for comfort. It can comfortably wrap around your waistline and provide maximum support all the way to your abdominal area. It can be worn when running errands or working out.

In terms of performance, the belt helps to get rid of fat in your tummy and eliminates toxins from the body while increasing thermal activity in the body. Keep in mind that you need to work out regularly to achieve maximum results with this waist trainer.


The girdle’s features increased thermal activity.

It stimulates sweating to enhance your workouts


The waist trainer’s size may be too small

Squeem Perfect Waist Contouring Waist Trainer

Squeem Perfect Waist Contouring Waist TrainerThe Squeem Perfect Waist trainer features a soft and comfortable fabric to help fit your body shape perfectly and improve your curves. With a cotton lining on the interior, this waist trainer provides maximum stability to the interior which makes it a perfect waist trainer for women. It also comes with a natural rubber body for excellent support. The latex material that makes this product is not allergic to your skin, so you can fit it perfectly and continue with your daily routine. The design is attractive and you can the firmness is even throughout the corset.

The corset comes with 14 small-sized hooks for perfect sizing. It’s made of a soft fabric that offers maximum support and trims your tummy in the desired shape. This pair of cincher can be worn with any top or dress thanks to the strapless design. In fact, it’s hard for people to notice when wearing since it hides perfectly under the clothes.


It fits well with any clothing

The latex material on the waist trainer is non-allergic

The belt is flexible to provide effective internal toning

It brings out the natural curves


The waist trainer is designed to be worn for longer periods

The length of the waist trainer may be slightly small for some people

Women’s Latex Underbust Corset Waist Training Cincher

Lover-Beauty Women's Latex Underbust Corset Waist Training Cincher-minThis cincher is features 9 spiral steel bones to help straighten the abdominal muscles and alleviate back pain. It also has three columns of hooks and eyes that can be adjusted to any desired size and shape of your body. These features make it the best support waist trainer that allows you to have a better posture for the wearer.

The plastic bones are a little bit soft so it’s easier to bend and get it back to its original state. The brand has been designed with an attractive corset made from latex fabric and fine cotton for excellent flexibility. This combination of fabrics enhances maximum comfort, rigidity, and breath ability that are needed for the cincher to work perfectly. The interesting thing about Lover-beauty corset is that it works well for the long torso. It also comes in different sizes and shape for the wearer. There are ten different sizes ranging from small to large, so you can be sure to find the right size for your body.


The corset is light and flexible

Light fabric that allows you to wear it under your clothes

High compression material to help lose weight quickly


The cincher may not be fit for small-sized women

Steel Boned Heavy Duty Waist Trainer Corset Shaper

Steel Boned Heavy Duty Waist Trainer Corset ShaperIf you have set a goal to trim your waist, choosing the best waist trainer can help. Your corset needs to have the right ingredients to achieve maximum waist that you want. Camellias Women’s waist trainer has all the right features to help you achieve a perfect waist line. With 26 steel bones, this waist trainer will give you a sturdy structure and the 20 spiral bones will provide creative cinching power. It is a good waist trainer and you can wear on daily routine or as a workout plan in the gym.

This waist trainer features a sophisticated hourglass shape, a sexy lace at the back, a well-polished fabric, five shiny fasteners on the front, and you get to choose from different colors and sizes to suite your body shape. The size ranges from small to large. The inner cotton layers provide a light and comfortable feel when working out.  You can get this fine-looking and durable corset and use it to get the desired body within a short time.


The cincher provides maximum comfort for effective waist training

Comfortable steel bones

Fits well under clothes

Improves your posture and offer excellent support to your back


The corset may not be ideal for big torsos

You may need help to tighten this waist trainer

Women’s Latex Underbust Shapewear Corset

Women's Latex Underbust Shapewear CorsetIf you’re looking for a sexy corset to lock in the gym, Charmian Women’s Waist trainer is a good choice for you. It increase thermal activity when working out and triggers sweating to help get rid of toxics through the skin. It features an elastic spiral plastic fabric to allow for maximum body movement. You will also love the spiral steel on the interior that is sheltered by latex for comfort. This waist trainer helps to flatten your tummy and reveal your curves.

It comes in a variety of outstanding colors including black, pink, red, purple, blue, apricot, leopard pink, multicolored, rainbow, skull black, rainbow, leopard brown, royal blue, and many more. You can get it in sizes from small to large. This allows you to order different sizes and choose one that fits you.

Other notable features on this waist trainer include a closure with an eye on a front and a three dimension hook to adjust the cincher quickly. Charmian waist trainer is a nice surprise for those women who think corsets are annoying.


Ease to fit and wear under clothes

The corset doesn’t roll up and down

It’s durable, flexible, and comfortable


The size may be a problem especially for people with a small waist

Some people may use the corset to replace the workout routine.

Sexy Satin Vintage Underbust Waist Training Corset

Sexy Satin Vintage Underbust Waist Training CorsetThis cincher comes with a cotton lined corset for durability and support. It’s also an ideal material to protect the exterior fabric. The gothic corset provides firm muscle control in the process of reducing your waist line. It comes with a high quality satin material for an excellent hourglass figure. This waist trainer has an elegant design with tight laces for perfect waist cinching and sizing to ensure you achieve the dream body. It also features 2 steel bars to the front busk and supporting plastic bones for extreme support. The interesting part is that it comes in different sizes and shapes so you can order this product depending on the measurement of your waist and bust. You can also choose from a variety of colors that suits you best.

The corset will work best for waist training but you can also have an awesome experience while wearing it on a Halloween costume party, cosplay party, or on a fashion event. It’s a unique waist trainer for women who love class.


It fits with ease on the waistline to reduce it with several inches

Provides an hourglass figure


Comes in small sizes

YIANNA Adjustable Shaper Waist Trainer Belt

YIANNA Adjustable Shaper Waist Trainer BeltThe YIANNA Neuprene Sauna suit is an ideal blend of a waist trimmer, a sporting bra, and a waist trainer. Whether you want to run, go to the gym, attend yoga classes, or aerobics, this waist trainer will make the entire experience perfect. It increases sweating, eliminates excess fast, and trims your stomach flat. It features a zipper on the front and a sticky Velcro that wraps around your waist. This allows you to adjust the waist wrap as you wish.

YIANNA waist trainer is made of neoprene to withstand any drops in temperature and any mechanical damage. The material is waterproof, soft and light to ensure it doesn’t irritate the skin. Also, it doesn’t restrict your movement as it has no steel boning. The corset comes in two unique colors- classic black and pink, to ensure you choose one that suits you best to spice up your style.


Has a unique shape

It helps in weight loss

It is highly durable


It can be hard to find a smaller size.

Rago Women’s Plus-Size Waist Trainer

Rago Women's Plus-Size Waist TrainerThe Rago Women’s Corset is designed for maximum comfort. It’s made of a nylon core layer and spandex lining for supper elasticity and flexibility. The corset helps you produce curves and it doesn’t limit your engagement whether you want to go to the gym or go on with your daily routine. For such a thin and light corset, it’s amazing to discover the excellent compression it produces to ensure your tummy flattens. It helps raise the temperature for more sweating when working out and tightens the waist to give you that hourglass figure you always wanted. It also helps to get rid of the excess toxins through the skin and raises your thermal activity to burn more fat thus it is considered as one of the best waist trainer in the market. In the end, you lose weight and your body retains its healthy characteristics.

Since it comes in a range of sizes from X-small to 8X large, you can be sure to find the best fit that suits your body. It also features 12 front hooks and eye closure to help you adjust depending on your waist. This corset will give you amazing results in achieving the body of your dreams.


High quality and soft material

Highly versatile corset

Can help in weight loss


The results may not be guaranteed.

Waist Training DOS

It’s true waist trainers offer many benefits to people who wear them. But before you indulge in the practice you must understand things to do to get optimal results. The key to desired results is the dedication to do the right things persistently. The following are the waist training dos

  • Utilize the corset correctly
  • Be dedicated.
  • Strengthen your core muscles before wearing the corset
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Listen to your body
  • Keep the corset clean
  • Exercise regularly

Waist Training DON’TS

The following are the don’ts to observe during your waist training.

  • Do not set the waist trainer to the tightest setting at the start of the training.
  • Do not start with constant or 24/7 waist training.
  • Never quit the training even when the going gets tough.
  • Do not continue if shortness of breath strikes.
  • Do not continue if the corset causes sharp stomach pains
  • Do not continue if you experience any pinching
  • Don’t continue if you feel numbness in your legs.

Waist Training Exercise

If you want to achieve the dream hourglass figure incorporating a good training regimen is vital. An incredible waist training exercise does not require weights; your body is heavy enough to help reach your goals. All you need to lose is the weight around the midsection, and this doesn’t call for the use of weights.

The following exercises are stunningly good for your waist training.

#1. Wall Ball Squats

Ever used a stability ball? Squat against the wall using a big stability ball and try holding for as long as you can. This is the perfect exercise to strengthen your quads. It ensures hip, butt, back of the thigh, calf, low back, side’s abs, and abs are involved during the exercise.

#2. Knee Raises

This is an amazing exercise that targets the abs. It’s a challenging exercise but one that yields the stunning results. This exercise can be done at an intermediate level or an advanced level.

At the intermediate level, you should bring your knees up until they are level with the hip. On the advanced level, you bring the knee up so that they are on the same level with the face.

The exercise is good because it involves all the core muscles thereby speeding up your results.

#3. Laying down and raising the legs

This is another tricky but truly helpful exercise and works magic on your abs. It’s easier to build upper abs, but it’s pretty hard to get any result with the lower abs. Besides targeting the lower abs, this exercise makes oblique burn instantly and faster.

During this exercise, it’s paramount to maintain stability and precision. Do not swing your hips or use your arms to support your body up.


There are many reasons to wear a waist trainer. Some people wear them for special occasions to achieve the look and form that they desire, and others use them for longer periods to either train through a mix of diet and exercise or to keep their posture straight. Getting the best waist trainer available is always going to make your experience better, and the results will be superior every time. Not only are the best cinchers made of outstanding materials that conform to your natural shape, but they also last much longer giving you their benefits for the longest time possible. Another great thing about buying a quality product is that you can wear it with confidence. You don’t want everybody to know that you are wearing a trainer under your clothes if you work in a professional setting, so getting one that fits perfectly ensures that your beauty secret remain a secret.

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