Ann Chery Women’s Faja Deportiva Workout Waist Cincher with 3 Hooks

Ann-Chery-Womens-Faja-Deportiva-Workout-Waist-CincherLooking for a waist trainer to help you lose weight? There is no denying; you require a premium waist trainer to hold your hand through the journey. One such product is the Black three-hook, latex waist cincher belt by Ann Chery.

This is a superb waist trainer that is constructed using high-quality latex material. The firm, supportive latex material is expertly made to help you drop inches from your waistline quickly. The firm build improves your posture, helps you to stand straighter, and look more confident when you wear the cincher.

The use of the latex material on the outside of the cincher accords the right flexibility and sturdiness. It makes this waist trainer the perfect garment for your waist training. Also, the use of the high-quality cotton material on the inside ensure maximum comfort. Besides, the cotton lining provides an extra layer which absorbs sweat from your body every time you wear the cincher.

With consistent use, the Black three-hook latex waist cincher belt by Ann Chery will amaze you with incredible results. The waist trainer is a superior product that is specifically designed to help you attain the much-coveted hourglass figure. Some women acclaim this product as an improved classic that aid waist reduction by up to 5 inches in 30 days.

As its name suggests, the Black three-hook latex waist cincher belt by Ann Chery has three hooks feature for optimal sizing flexibility. The feature gives you the freedom to choose the right compression. It provides a superb fit and allows you to adjust the tightness as desired.

Ann-Chery-Womens-Faja-Workout-Waist-CincherOverall, this waist trainer is designed to be the perfect companion in your weight loss goal. It will improve and correct your posture, offer great support to your skin as you lose weight, tone and tighten your abdominal muscles, and increase circulation in your midsection. If you want to lose weight or recover your waist after birth, look no further.

The waist trainer has a superior design that allows you to wear it during workouts or underneath your outfits. It’s virtually invisible underneath your clothes, and it’s perfect for everyday attire or your most gorgeous occasion wear. It’s also sexy, and you will offend no one by showing it off.


  • Offers maximum sizing flexibility
  • Superior and durable latex construction
  • Soft cotton lining for optimal comfort
  • Offers a high compression band
  • Virtually invisible under clothes


  • Binding brakes digs into the skin

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