Camellias Women Waist Trainer Belt Body Shaper Belly Wrap

Camellias-Women-Waist-Trainer-Belt-Body-Shaper-Belly-WrapIf you’re looking for a quality corset that is cost friendly and comfortable, then Camellias Waist Trainer Body Shaper will work perfectly. It targets the excess fat around the waist and when combined with the right workout routine, the outcome can be amazing. It’s a perfect solution for women who want to attain a smaller waist line and feel more comfortable in their body.

The design is well constructed with a unique style to fit your body perfectly. The fabric feels smooth. It is made of three layers where the inner two layers are 100 percent cotton, while the innermost layer is soft thus causing no irritation to the skin. The middle layer is attached to the top layer for durability and maximum comfort.

Camellias-Women-Waist-TrainerThis waist shaper comes with different ranges of colors so that you can buy one that suits your waistline. The steel bones is another appealing feature that pushes your waist a few inches to ensure you get the right body. It allows you to sit in an upright posture so that you don’t feel any discomfort. This waist trainer is available in different sizes. These allow most users to choose the right size for their waist for effective results.

It is stretchable, comfortable and adjustable. This is a unique feature that allows the user to have confidence using the waist trainer and at the same time reduce the waist line with few inches.


  • Has easy to fit front busk closures
  • The waist trainer corset fits your waist measurements to allow you to find the right size
  • Can be worn comfortably under clothes


  • The belt is not long enough for people with a long torso

Size Chart