Care and Cleaning of a Waist Trainer

Wearing a waist trainer benefits you in so many ways that it’s hard to count. Among its most popular benefits are speedy weight loss, hourglass silhouette, posture improvement and back support. When something offers you with so many benefits, you would naturally treasure it and want best care for it. How you care for it is a major factor in determining how long it’s going to last. Without proper care, it will lose its performance and appearance sooner than you would imagine.

Since waist trainers are meant for regular usage and also while working out, they will eventually need to be cleaned up. All the perspiration activity that the waist trainers are inducing will cause them to start smelling bad if you don’t give them a proper washing regularly. Since waist trainers are a little different from your usual garments that you wash in a washing machine, they call for some special considerations with regard to cleaning up. Here are some simple steps to clean your waist trainer properly and to give it the level of care it deserves:

Never put it in the washing machine:

Machine washing is not an ideal choice for most types of waist trainers. The compression material used in the construction of a waist trainer such as latex or spandex might even melt if put in a washing machine.

Wash regularly:

As I mentioned earlier, since you use your waist trainer regularly, you will also need to wash it regularly in order to maintain hygiene. For best performance, do not wear it two days in a row without washing it. If you wear it every single day, it will be easier for you to keep two of them so that you can rotate between them. This way you will be able to wash each one regularly and let it dry completely while you are using the clean one.

Gentle hand washing:

To hand wash your garment, you will need some mild soap, warm water and a non abrasive cloth. Be very careful not to scrub it too harshly or soak it excessively. Heavy scrubbing can damage the structure as well as the appearance.

Let it dry completely:

Waist trainers are under high risks of growing bacteria because of the sweat and moisture it houses. If you want to keep your waist trainer healthy and completely safe for your use, you are going to want to keep it free of any moisture. After proper cleanup, leave it to dry completely before you keep it safe inside your closet or put it on your body. Also, try not to leave it out in the sun to dry especially if the garment is made with latex as it can lose its color if left in direct sunlight. Instead, choose a shady spot to dry it.

Do not Iron:

This is another important point you need to be aware of. If you fail to remember this tiny detail, you can prepare yourself to say goodbye to your precious waist trainer for ever. Especially if you are using 100% latex waist trainer, it will completely melt in the face of hot iron.

Final words:

Be sure to follow all these directions to take good care of your waist trainer so that you can use it for a long time without losing its color or its performance in the slightest. With these simple guidelines, you can wear your waist trainer all day, every day without any fear of smelling bad or damaging the garment.