Cincher Vs. Corset: Which Is The Right One For You?

If you have stepped into the waist training world, you will find that there are two different paths to go about it. Your choice will vary depending upon your style, expectations and daily routine. Depending upon what you want, you can either select a cincher or a corset to start with your waist training regime. Both are excellent garments specialized to train your waist and both have their own sets of strong suits.

These garments differ in their performances because of the difference in their structure, shape and material. Here is a short overview of their differences to help you make a wise decision:


A corset is a tightening garment which is reinforced with steel boning throughout its length and has laces at the back for tightening in order to push the waist inside.

Waist trainers or cinchers are built with a compression material such as latex to help bring down the waist size and typically include a hook-and-eye closure at the front.


Another major difference is in the material used in preparing them. Corsets are usually made with cotton, leather or satin. There are channels of steel bones at specific intervals all around the garment to give it a solid structure and tightening laces at the back to hold it tightly against your torso.

Cinchers, on the other hand, are made with compression materials such as Latex, Spandex or Nylon. Latex is the most popular material among customers due to its excellent compression qualities. Cinchers also sometimes have steel boning to give them their shape. They use hook-and-eye closure at the front of the garment to hold them in place.


Although both the garments produce excellent results with regard to waist training, there is some difference in what you achieve with each. With regular use of each, you will begin to notice a gradual reduction in your waist size and also your overall weight.

You should be clear on your intention for buying a waist training garment. Some customers might purchase it for wearing it occasionally for style or to look incredibly slim. Others might have a strict aim in mind to lose weight. They will have to wear the garment regularly under their dress for at least 8 hours every day in order to achieve worthwhile results.

If you have the prior intention in mind, a corset may be the best choice for you since it’s available in stylish designs and produces great instantaneous results. As soon as you put it on, you will be 3 to 6 sizes slimmer around your waist. However, if you are looking for regular usage, cincher is the garment for you since, although it will only take 1 to 3 inches off your waist as soon as you put it on, it is more beneficial in achieving long-term weight loss goals. The compression qualities of latex will cause you to sweat more around the waist with little physical exercise thereby speeding up the burning of fat inside your body. It is also worth mentioning that since cinchers are less constricting than corsets, you won’t find any discomfort in wearing them under your dresses for extended hours. Some people even wear it during their sleep although we won’t recommend that.


Now that you are aware of the basic differences, you shouldn’t find any trouble deciding which one to pick in order to achieve your goals. If you are still unsure, we would advise you to keep both of them in your closet; cincher for working out or wearing throughout the day and corset to wear on a special occasion to turn all heads in your direction.