How to Use a Waist Trainer?

Waist training is practiced by many women around the world nowadays as a means of training their waists into an elegant hourglass shape and getting rid of their excess abdominal fat. Almost everyone who has used it including some well-known celebs like Jessica Alba and the Kardashian sisters has claimed its effectiveness and fast results. However, if you have just started waist training, the correct usage of the garment may be a bit tricky for you. Before you start to waist train, it is advised that you do a little research on how to make use of the waist trainer safely and effectively in order to get the most benefit from your waist training practice.

First things first, you need to select the finest quality waist trainer with adjustable hooks and strong internal boning. Investing in a good waist trainer is in itself a guarantee of faster and better results. While making the selection, you should also make absolutely sure that the trainer is your accurate size and is not too constricting or too loose on you or else it may do your body more harm than good. All good waist trainers come with an elaborate size chart that you may refer to while selecting your size. The size should be such that it provides you with a comfortable and snug fit on the tightest hook closure setting.

The key to starting a waist training regime is to start gradually. Some people take extreme measures and wear it throughout the day right from the beginning. This however, it not recommended at all as it could result in health problems. The best idea is to start by wearing the garment for only around 2 hours for the initial couple of days. The same approach is suggested for tightening the trainer. If you are wearing a corset with laces at the back to tighten, do not start by tightening it too much from the start. Gradually increase the tightness of your garment and the duration that you wear it. Within a span of 10-14 days, you may increase the waist training duration from 2 to 7 hours.

Waist trainers produce even faster results when used with proper dietary habits and exercise routine. Most waist trainers are workout waist trainers which means that they may be worn while working out. During the first few days you could start with some basic stretches or Pilates with your waist trainer on. Gradually you can increase your workout hours as well and try harder exercises like cardio for 20 minutes. You may also wear it while eating to notice yourself feeling fuller faster. In this way, waist trainer also keeps a check on your diet and ensures that you are eating much less that you would without wearing a waist trainer.

If at any moment during your entire waist training practice, you experience breathing difficulties, back pain or any form of pain or discomfort, take off your waist trainer immediately. These symptoms indicate that it is either too constricting for you or does not fit you properly. You need to address these issues before continuing to waist train.

Despite the magic of waist training, it should be kept in mind that losing weight is a gradual process and does not happen overnight. If you take extreme measure like wearing the garment too tight or throughout the day in hopes of getting slimmer overnight, understand that it will do you more harm than good. It takes a little bit of patience and consistency to attain your weight loss target in a healthy and comfortable fashion.