Lover-Beauty Women’s Latex Underbust Corset Waist Training Cincher 9 Steel Boned

Lover-Beauty-Womens-Latex-Underbust-Corset-Waist-Training-CincherThis Waist Shaper is another cool product that helps women lose weight by reducing few inches from their waistline. It also increases the temperature of your abdominal area when working which increases sweating. The design is appealing and it’s built to fully close the waist line. It is made from latex material with a fine blend of cotton to deliver the right elasticity. For such a thin fabric, the Lover-Beauty waist trainer offers great compression that plays a huge role in losing weight. The reason for using this mixture of fabrics is to allow for breath ability, comfort, and rigidity that is important for this corset to work well. It’s an awesome product if you want to burn excess fat that has accumulated in the abdomen.

Lover beauty is available in a variety of colors including black, blue, beige, purple, pink, and cream colors. This color variation allows you to choose your favorite color that matches what you need. The corset features three rows of hooks and eye closures to allow you buy a waist trainer that fits appropriately. The adjustable faucet allows for the natural movement of your body during this process. The interesting part about Lover beauty waist trainer is that it’s ideal for a long torso and the additional eight steel bones provide the right slimming effect.

Lover-Beauty-Womens-Latex-Underbust-CorsetThe u-shaped design of this waist trainer is made to fit right to the bottom of the best. You can comfortably put on your corset and you don’t have to worry about sagging breast as they will be fully supported. The steel boning has a unique design that allows you to assume any posture that you want. Also, you can maintain different poses for a long time with a guarantee that the corset will provide the needed support to your back.

When you imagine how tight the waist cincher may be, you may think that it will be uncomfortable but actually, you’ll enjoy it. The Lover-Beauty Corset is designed for comfort. It also has a set of hooks and eye closure to make the experience even better. You can wear the corset on almost all occasions, be it at work, gym, or other public functions. So you don’t have to worry about choosing your dress code. It matches well with any clothing you want thus making you feel confident.


  • Quality product that retains its original shape after use
  • The hook and eye closures allow for adjustment depending on your waist line
  • The steel bones help to improve your posture


  • The corset is not an ideal fit for small-sized women
  • Most women find it challenging finding the right size.

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